Original Artwork 

* Stretched canvas artwork as seen in photo

* Size 30x30 Inches  



This piece began from family. I'm lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly bubbly and vibrant people and i love how the pink conveys that feeling. The inspiration of family along with this pink colour palette really helped this painting flourish in my mind creatively. Starting with the largest community circle being myself i reflected on memories and the people who make me, me. This painting mirrors itself in many ways, yet putting a line down the middle its very different. One side is me, the make up of Holly. When enjoying those memories and moments it made me think of what i want to take with me when i build my own family. The other side... One thing im hugely grateful for is that i have a big family, a lot of the people i consider family im not related to by blood. To have a support system like that woven into my life is something i want to create for my children one day. The honesty and openness i have with my parents i cherish, to be able to talk about anything, no ego or judgement, i thrive off of that. I'd love to look back one day and think to myself, what did i implement from my life? What attributes am i proud of spreading back into the world? Are things as i imagined they would be?  

Family Original