Original Artwork - One off 

Stretched canvas artwork with a satin varnish finish

Size 30x24 Inches

I love this piece so much. I know I say it every time but I’m so inspired right now.  This piece is so healing to me, a representation of sitting on country and just being quiet. Seems simple right? But as someone who struggles being in silence it’s a big deal! I find I’m always so over stimulated, I go to sleep every night listening to something because if I sit in my mind for too long I just can’t stop thinking. Please tell me there’s other people out there that can relate??  Sitting outside, on country is such a safe space. I feel calm in this mental silence yet our country is so loud. It’s such an incredible feeling, to just listen. This piece Is your sign to switch off once in a while. Just listen to the birds.

Listen to the birds