Art Print


Printed onto Smooth Cotton Rag 310gsm



My first artwork of 2022 and its the end of March. Recently ive found myself dealing with a creative block. I think because its been so long since ive had a brush in my hands and felt the paint on the canvas. A feeling of little direction had me exploring colours of warmth along with symbols of support, community and family. I'll admit there was pressure on this artwork, projected by myself, it was my 'reinspire' piece, the piece to get my groove back. While painting i spent a few hours on the phone to my cousin. It was just what i needed. While searching for a an emotional uplift, through lots of talking, laughs and a few tears it made me feel warm again. She is such a huge part of my heart, she makes so much space for me, she understands me like nobody in the world could ever understand and it made me feel safe. Before i knew it i only had a few finishing details and the painting had just appeared before me. I look down and I'm proud of this piece. I feel creative again. 


Print comes unframed

Lost Art Print