Digital Art Print


Printed onto Smooth Cotton Rag 310gsm


Our Land

As we closely approach Jan 26th this design was designed as a reminder that we are living on what always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. 

I find it can be hard to put together the right words in way that is strong and powerful regarding this day. But I don’t want to sit back and only share the posts from my community, I want to contribute. So…How do you spend the day of Jan 26th?

Well if you’re interested here’s a little advice from me…

•Don’t engage in ‘Australia Day’ themed parties. Yes enjoy the day like you would any other day you’re off but take the time to engage in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander events.

•Follow and support Blak businesses or creators online. Share their work with your friends and family.

•Use your platform to advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people.

•Pull your friends or family up when they’re being disrespectful or hurtful. Don’t be afraid to speak up.


Let this piece open conversations in your home and be proud to stand with the minority.


Print comes unframed

The print pictured is A3 in size

Our Land Art Print