Original Artwork 

* Stretched canvas artwork as seen in photo

* Size 24x36 Inches  


Two Of Us

Following on from my 'Family" Artwork, i explored the relationship with myself and my partner. The two of us and our lives meeting together in the middle. We've been together since 2013. The other day we listened to a song that we claimed as 'our song' back when we were young, as you do right? 😂  We put it on as a bit of a laugh but it was  actually really nice, remembering us all that time ago and still now loving that person all these years later just as much. This inspired the people wrapped around all of the edges of the piece, all of the different versions of ourselves that have brought us here today. I really enjoyed taking a piece of the story from 'Family' and magnifying that into this piece. 

    Two Of Us Original